Setting up a home VPN between two routers

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  • Date: 2005-06-27
  • Subject: Setting up a home VPN between two routers
  • Duration: 44:23
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  • VPN between two routers

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Learn about VPN Port information like TCP, IP, and UDP.

Virtual Private Network - VPN represents secure interconnection of private networks (i.e. of individual offices of an organization) via the Internet. Traffic between both networks (so called tunnel) is encrypted. This protects networks from tapping. VPN incorporates special tunneling protocols, such as Microsoft's IPSec and PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol).

There are two types of VPN connections: Client to Gateway, Gateway to Gateway

IKE Policies: The IKE (Internet Key Exchange) protocol perform negotiations between the 2 VPN Gateways, and provides automatic management of the Keys used in IPSec.

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