The future of your network

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Show #21:

  • Date: 2005-06-07
  • Subject: The future of your network
  • Duration: 38:54
  • Format: MP3
  • Size: 15,961 kb

Topics Discussed:

  • My Comments
  • New toys are in: iriver, sony mic, router, usb wireless, plantronics headset
  • New opening music courtesy of Kevin Bassinson
  • - Thanks for your lovely comments. Help support the show and please give more comments.
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  • News
  • Listener Comments:
  • From: Darin - Microsoft offering free ASP.Net eLearning course
  • From: Charles - Topic suggestion. Comments about Live Event
  • From: Alan - DSL slowness via wireless
  • From: Brian - Archives?
  • From: Kevin - Audio Feedback re: reformat PC series
  • The future of your network...

Additional Information:

~~ New Mytob worm poses as IT administrator

~~ Shocking new zombie internet threat

~~ Broadband Speed to Jump 10-Fold

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