7 Tips to Manage Your Files Better

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  • Date: 2005-04-18
  • Subject: 7 Tips to Manage Your Files Better
  • Duration: 37:34
  • Format: MP3
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Learn to manage your files more effectively because they are somewhat like paper file managemnet. They can be organized using folders and you can select specific locations to make it easy to find them. And just like paper files and folders, if you do not have a way to organize them, things can get lost.

It does not matter where you save your files, be it a hard drive or network share because you can use these seven tips to help save time and reduce the headaches of searching for files.

  1. Use My Documents.
  2. Adopt consistent methods for file and folder naming.
  3. Keep names short.
  4. Separate ongoing and completed work.
  5. Store like with like.
  6. Avoid big folder structures.
  7. Use shortcuts and shortcut links instead of multiple copies.

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