Syncronization In Windows

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  • Date: 2005-05-31
  • Subject: Syncronization In Windows
  • Duration: 38:24
  • Format: MP3
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~~ Video - How to use the Briefcase in Windows

View visual tutorial - How to use the Briefcase in Windows

Briefcase is specifically intended for transferring and synchronizing files between separate PCs. Commonly, the Briefcase is carried on a removable disk of some kind, such as a floppy or USB drive; but it also can work on PCs with a direct cable connection or a normal network connection. Briefcase is extremely flexible, and can be useful in almost any situation, from a Fortune 500 enterprise down to a small-office setup, or even for moving data between home PCs.

~~ Video - How to use the Offline folders in Windows

View visual tutorial - How to use the Offline folders in Windows

Offline Files is geared more toward transferring and synchronizing network files in instances where a PC is sometimes connected to a network and sometimes not. Rather than using the Briefcase approach of moving between different PCs, Offline Files lets a single PC keep working on local copies of network files even when that PCs disconnected from the network.

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