How to do a dual monitor setup

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Show #16:

  • Date: 2005-05-02
  • Subject: How to do a dual monitor setup
  • Duration: 41:43
  • Format: MP3
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Additional Information:

There are many benefits to having a second monitor (and with XP Professional you can have up to 10 monitors). You can open different files on each desktop and drag items seamlessly from one to the other. Items can be stretched across multiple desktops, allowing you to see more columns in an Excel spreadsheet, or an entire Web page, without scrolling.

~~ Basics:

A video card with two ports or two video cards. If buying card, check slots available in PC.

~~ How to:

  • Open case, watch static shock, install.
  • BIOS and disable onboard.
  • Start PC, wait for "found hardware"
  • Install drivers. Reboot if asked.
  • Go into display properties under the system control panel.
  • Once there you should see a large monitor and a grayed out one next to it. Click the grayed out monitor and drag it to in relation to where you second screen is to your primary in real life.
  • Enable monitor
  • Set resolutions.

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