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In today's world a home lan (local area network) is becoming a common occurance. With the influx of broadband into our houses it seems that everyone wants to wire the house and have their own home network allowing access to the Internet. Whether you want a home server, a wireless network, linux server, lan gaming party, or even a lan for music or entertainment you can easily build a home computer network with the technology of today. Unfortunately with the proliferations of Viruses and Security Flaws in many programs, having a secure computer or home network is not as easy as it once was.

The concept of a permanently connected home network to the Internet can become very dangerous for the average PC user. Proper steps need to be taken to secure your home computers from intrusion otherwise your personal or business data can be at risk. By building a bargain home network with a small amount of money, time, and planning you can have a decent secure network for home use.

This website is designed to help you create the perfect bargain home network for your needs. First off we will explain what you really need for a personal or business home lan and what type (wireless or ethernet) will fit your needs. Next, we will identify whether you need a simple or more advanced network. After that we will go through some security issues with home networks and what steps you can take to minimize your risk. Additionally, we will start laying our your home network and making sure to secure it and your PC correctly. Lastly, we will cover how to mantain and expand your network as needed.


I have been using computers since 1982 and work in the Information Technology field. I have held various jobs in the field from a Technical Support Lead, to Senior Engineering, and the Data Center Infrastructure planning. Helping people on a daily basis is what I do.

One day I was setting up a home network and got to thinking that there are so many sites on the Internet about this topic but sometimes it is almost impossible to get your questions answered. So I felt I should start a more targeted website specifically focused on the home network. While I still will provide information about home computers and help people, I do want a majority of this site to answer all the questions people have about their home network. Even more, I want home network security to be covered because for the immediate future it is the most important thing around as more and more people build their own home networks.

I hope you enjoy the site and will help me make it better. Please submit a survey or post suggestions or your needs on the forums.

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